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Japanese Tissue (Lace Papers)

Kanji Patterned Tissue

Kanji Patterened Tissues on Natural Paper are available with Royal Chinese writings (in Japanese), personal stamps (chops) Sheet sizes approx 90x50cm. Take a look at the full Kanji Patterned Tissue range below. These are really good for gift wrapping. Prices from $15.85 per sheet. Please note that dye lots may vary and swatch colours may vary slightly on different computers.

Royal Chinese Writings Transliterated into Japanese.

Diary of Daily Life


Edo Story Red

Various Japanese Tissue

Japanese tissue paper is a transluscent paper, lightweight and very strong thanks to its long fibres. Great as a decorative gift wrapping paper. Each sheet is 79 x 53cm.
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Grid Brick

Grid Moegi

Grid Nando

Grid Sky Blue

Hemp Flower Ivory

Hemp Flower Natane

Ino Leaves White
$7.40 per sheet

Hemp Flower White

Kingin Grey

Kingin Sunario

Kingin Moegi

Kingin Brick

Kingin White

Kingin Nando

Kingin Light Blue

Koume Blue

Koume Purple

Koume White

Mum Pewter

Mum Beige

Mum White

Seikaiha White

Seikaiha Motoiro

Silver Fleck

Uzumaki White

Ukigumo Rose

Uzumaki Beige

Uzumaki Plum

Uzumaki Baby Pink

Uzumaki Grey

Uzumaki Natural

Uzumaki Ajisai

Uzumaki Green Tea

Weave Moss

Weave Bone

Weave Cocoa

Tarasen Dots (shown on light green background for contrast)

Taresen Swirl (shown on light green background for contrast)

Tarasen Daisy (shown on light green background for contrast)
ino daisy japanese tissue white
Ino Daisy White

Tarasens as above but shown on black background

If you are interested in any of these opaque patterned Japanese papers please contact us for further information.

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